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Featherweight, Organic and Wildcrafted Skincare : Kid-Made, Mom-Approved™

Welcome to Paloma & Co., home of organic and wildcrafted fine skincare products. Both our regular and baby lines are handcrafted in small batches by a mother and daughter team in the heart of Bushwick, a diverse and economically depressed neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York. Paloma believes in giving back, and donates a portion of proceeds to worthy non-profits. Paloma & Co. products are used by a wide variety of women, men and children of many backgrounds and ethnicities who exemplify our motto: One World, One Face™. Please make sure to scroll to the bottom of our page and subscribe to our site so that you can keep up-to-date with Paloma & Co. news and be the first to learn of promotions and sample offers. Welcome to the Paloma & Co. family! Kid-Made, Mom-Approved™.


A few words from Anevay and Melissa, Co-Owners of Paloma & Co. View all our blog posts
  • Organic and Mindful – The History of Paloma

    One summer day in 2012, my eleven-year-old daughter, Anevay, took a moment to read the labels of my “organic” skincare products. She had recently read about preservatives called parabens, a potentially dangerous group of compounds that may lead to cancer, and wanted to make sure we weren’t using them in our products. We were both […]

  • Salt Balneotherapy: Healing Salt Water Baths

    Who doesn’t enjoy a hot bath? We’ve been told that baths are good for us, but do we really know why? Do the essential oils and salts we add to our baths matter? Are some better than others? When we immerse our bodies in a warm bath, our skin rapidly begins to absorb chemicals that […]

  • Do You Like Free Products? Like our Facebook page!

    What if I told you that Paloma & Co. has a healthy, organic skincare system designed to help you look and feel fresh while keeping your skin hydrated and smooth in just under a minute or two both morning and night?  And what if I told you that you could be one of five lucky […]

  • Cool-as-a-Cucumber, both inside and out!

    When Anevay started Paloma & Co. with her mother, Melissa, she  announced: “Let’s make something with cucumber!” After all, during the hot summer months, while traveling overseas, Anevay had grown accustomed to her mother handing her cool glasses of water infused with squeezed lemons, oranges and thinly-sliced cucumbers, lime and mint. Melissa had learned pretty […]

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